In the beginning…

On July 30, 1949 Fellowship, Friendship and Bethel Missionary Baptist Churches met at a mission point at 1033 Hickory Street in Lansing, Michigan for the purpose of organizing a church. Elder Earl Kinney was elected moderator and Edgar Wright was elected clerk. Elder M. N. Gregson brought a great message from Ephesians 4.

The following Brothers and Sisters came forward with letters of other Missionary Baptist Churches and thus became the charter members: Bro. Ralph and Sis. Mary Brewer, Bro. Carl and Sis. Erda Brewer, Sis. Geraldine Ollenburger, Bro. and Sis. Frank Clark and their son Kenneth Clark.

The Articles of Faith were read from J. M. Pendleton’s church manual and was the church covenant.

Those who then came to form the new church gave their hands in token of the adoption of the covenant, and articles of faith, as outlined in the church manual by J. M. Pendleton. All Baptists present shook hands with them. Individuals were then given an opportunity to unite with the newly established church, which included the following individuals: Mrs. Hoit Curren, Phyllis Brewer, Yvonne Brewer, Peggy Wollet and Joyce Wilson.

On August 14, 1949, Sister Erda Brewer suggested we name the Church, “The New Home Missionary Baptist Church“. The vote was unanimous.

Pastors of New Home Missionary Baptist Church

Bro. Earl Kinney 07/30/49 – 2/52 2 Yrs, 7 Months
Bro. Gowers 03/29/52 – 10/25/52 7 Months
Bro. R. G. Holland 11/01/53 – 07/07/54 8 Months
Bro. Robert Arthur 09/04/54 – 10/14/61 7 Yrs, 1 Month
Bro. Barnett 11/11/61 – 06/20/65 3 Yrs, 7 Months
Bro. Manning 01/22/66 – 08/20/67 1 Yr, 7 Months
Bro. Tony Henderson 10/14/67 – 06/12/71 3 Yrs, 8 Months
Bro. Gene Thurman 09/01/71 – 03/10/73 1 Yr, 6 Months
Bro. Tony Henderson 04/01/73 – 03/16/75 1 Yr, 11 Months
Bro. C. T. DeWitt 05/10/75 – 03/29/78 2 Yrs, 10 Months
Bro. Bob Nappier 06/28/78 – 03/08/00 21 Yrs, 9 Months
Bro. Ricky Mitchel 09/10/00 – 02/24/02 1 Yr, 5 Months
Bro. Carl Seal 06/09/02 – 08/18/02 2 Months
Bro. Corby Jones 06/26/05 – 02/25/07 1 Yr, 8 Months
Bro. Lavon Haden 06/21/09 – 12/12/12 3 Yrs, 6 Months
Bro. Dave Barger 05/13 – 06/15 2 Yrs, 2 Months
Bro. Christopher Draney 11/15 – 06/19

Interesting Facts

July 8, 1950

Sister Kinney made a motion that the young people organize a Bible Training Service (B.T.S.)

December 9, 1950

Sister Kinney made a motion that the church begins having prayer services on Wednesday nights starting in January 1951

February 9, 1952

A motion was made to begin having adult B.T.S.

January 10, 1953

Bro. Owens was ordained into the ministry.

October 10, 1953

Purchased the house next door to the church on Hickory Street as the parsonage.

December 12, 1953

A motion was made by the church that a Ladies Auxiliary and Men’s Brotherhood be organized.

July 13, 1963

The church purchased 100 New All American songbooks.

March 30, 1966

A Motion was made to make an offer on a church building at 3133 Pleasant Grove

August 3, 1966

A Motion was made to make offer on the property on Holly Way.

October 12, 1968

A Motion was made to place the church covenant on the back wall of the church.

September 9, 1981

A Motion was made to have a mortgage burning.